Day 1
Welcome to GCUC
Speaker // Moderator: Marcos Schwartz, GCUC South America, Brazil
Opening by Authority
Speaker // Moderator: Artur Henrique, Municipal Secretary of Development, Labor and Entrepreneurship of São Paulo
Juicy Stories
Speaker // Moderator: Liz Elam, GCUC, USA
Coworking & Community Building
It is common sense that community is the most important part of building a sustainable coworking model. If already have a space or are thinking about opening a space you still need to build your community. In this panel we’ll Questions things like: What are the necessary elements in community formation? Which skills does the community manager need to have? Is the leadership important within the space and the community? What are the key factors to have a nice flow within the community considering the coworker point of view?
Speaker // Moderator: Matias Vasquez, Sharing EC, Brazil
Panelists: Marcelo Cora, Urban Station, Argentina, Gabriela Werner, Impact HUB Floripa, Brazil, Valentina Piquerez, Sinergia, Uruguay
How Coworking is thriving in Ecuador
How diverse can be a coworking environment in a city with a population city of 400K? Manu will amaze you. You will find out why the Ecuatorian vice-president visited the space due its regional contribution. He will be speaking to diversity, collaboration and how you can make sustainability rule. Buckle your seatbelt!
Speaker // Moderator: Manu Vega, Coworking Cuenca, Ecuador
The Unimagined University: how coworking is changing the formal Academic Education
Universities have a role to play in anticipating the future society needs, analyzing the data and and preparing students to the changing landscape of the future of work. This one has already done so… you will learn how a relationship with a coworking space in a university changed their entire didactic approach. By implementing a coworking philosophy, it has been possible to improve the motivation among students and a win-win situation - you’ll hear how it happened at Universidad Politécnica Salesiana.
Speaker // Moderator: Juan Pablo Salgado and Fábian Bermeo, Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Ecuador
A Roadmap to Business Network Management among coworkers
Coworking spaces make the network of innovation and entrepreneurship management among startups of your community? This talk seeks to disseminate the theoretical tools to understand the context of Business Network Management; evaluate and select partners, and manage the network (Networking) to cooperate strategically in dynamic environments. Finally, a network management roadmap to the contribution of the success of coworkers!
Speaker // Moderator: Camilo Peña Ramírez, INACAP, Chile
Coworking economics, beyond community and space
Traditional coworking spaces are mainly focused on lease arbitrage which is a dangerous model. In order for coworking to thrive you have to do more than just provide a space and try to build a community. In this panel we will discuss innovative and ground breaking ideas to generate revenue and provide much needed growth and innovation. And an intriguing question remains to be worked on: is it possible to make money in this environment without a coworking space?
Speaker // Moderator: Marcio Marques Brito, SEBRAE, Brazil
Panelists: Martin Frankel, Area Tres, Argentina, Renata Aquino, Impact HUB Curitiba, Brazil, Ricardo Doria, Aldeia, Brazil
Coworking Survey in South America
Overview of the coworking environment in South America and and some new statistics on South America.
Speaker // Moderator: Marcos Schwartz, GCUC South America and Anderson Costa, Ekonomio, Brazil
What is an Unconference and what will tomorrow look like?
Everyone is a Changemaker: promoting transformative skills in shared spaces
Coworking spaces are expected to prepare its coworkers for the collaborative economy and to be an agent with social impact. In this session we will complete an exercise that will teach you how to analyze a current landscape, identify and define the core problems, and map them against patterns and trends. You will produce a framework that serves as a mosaic of strategic opportunities to your core business. This is not just something for your coworkers but an exercise you can make part your arsenal.
Speaker // Moderator: Sabrina Leme, Ashoka, Brazil
Panelists: Mariane Maier Nunes, iCOM Floripa, Ana Fontes, Rede Mulher Empreendedora, Brazil
Design Matters: codesign of a coworking space
Reimagining the working space allows us to integrate the people that will spend most of their time at the office. Design matters has curated a process to codesign the space and develop spaces with soul. In this conversation the speakers will share various experiences, the process’ they embark on with coworking founders, prospects,designers and architects and which functions must be considered and which pitfalls must be avoided!
Speaker // Moderator: Henrique Bussacos and Pablo Handl, Impact HUB São Paulo, Brazil
Panelists: Marcelo Todescan and Frank Siciliano, Todescan-Siciliano Architecture, Brazil
Should you compete? Or collaborate?
There is enough demand coming your way in Coworking that you can’t build them fast enough. It is short sided and narrow minded to compete in this market. We need to learn from the basic coworking principals and our friends in North America and Europe. It far more powerful to work together than alone. In the words of Henry Ford - The only competition you should worry about is the one that doesn’t worry about you at all.. We will discuss how to bring more opportunities by working together. Let’s work on it. Together.
Speaker // Moderator: Guilherme Tiezzi, Seats2Meet, Brazil
Panelists: Jorge Pacheco, PLUG, Geraldo Campos, UNISUL, Flavio Pripas, Cubo, Andre Pegorer, Nexcoworking, Brazil
Role of Coworkings in the cities of the future
The Sharing Economy is growing rapidly around the world and its role in the development, growth and success of a city. The role of Coworking movement is critical in this new economy and it will take a protagonist role at the right time. Coworking is a catalyst for innovation, aggregator and facilitator in the construction of networks and creative communities. It is impossible to foresee that wave coming but will come for sure.
Speaker // Moderator: Andre Telles, iCities, Brazil
Panelists: Walker Massa, Nos Coworking, Brazil, Marcelo Cora, Urban Station, Argentina, Manu Vega, Coworking Cuenca, Ecuador, Fabiola Paes, Universidade Positivo, Brazil
How corporations are changing the Coworking landscape
Starting from the features of collaborative networks in South America, this panel will discuss how coworking spaces can be related to corporations and investors. The ins and outs of the relationship in this network system and how fertile ground innovation grows. Examples from outside and inside coworking environment will be given to understand how to approach traditional organizations
Speaker // Moderator: Sandro Vieira, IBQP, Brazil
Panelists: Marcus Dantus, Startup Mexico, Mexico, André Barrence, Campus São Paulo (Google), Felipe Matos, Startupfarm, Brazil
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Day 2
Welcome & Housekeeping
Speaker // Moderator: Marcos
Unconference Session One
Unconference Session Two
Unconference Session Three
Unconference Learning – Lightning Round & Recap
Coworking Tours Information and Final Wrap Up
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