May the Knowledge be with you….the Network is strong with you…

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Marcos Schwartz in Community, Coworking, Coworking Trends

Business networks allow small businesses to compete and innovate in dynamic environments. These networks give access to new knowledge and experiences, which are not available in a small organization. This exchange occurs in the “BA” which is a virtual place where knowledge is transferred, as an open system where there are exchanges of knowledge in both directions.

What are the networks that my company is involved? What are the core? What knowledge are exchanged ?. My personal and local network allow me to access to regional and global networks?. We can learn from these ?.

All these questions are important for the scalability of our enterprise. Even more, when the access to distant markets, depends on the selection of suitable PARCEIROS (Partners) to represent us, sell or disseminate our services.

If the most effective way to develop a business network is interaction in knowledge-intensive activities, such as working together in a COWORK space. Are we aware of this potential?

These questions, as well as results of ongoing investigations, they will be shown in this seminar.

by Camilo Peña, INACAP, Chile (Speaker)