Should we collaborate?

Posted on January 2, 2016 by Marcos Schwartz in Uncategorized

Competition or collaboration? This is an issue to several markets including coworking and entrepreneurship. Of course we will deal with this subject on our conference and also on USA conference, with different perspectives. What are the ingredients to a group to have a better performance while working together then apart. Postamos na fan page do GCUC South America, mas venho aqui também por que é um assunto bacana que estaremos tratando no congresso em março. Competição ou colaboração? Quais são os ingredientes para um grupo se sair melhor junto do que separado? Margaret Heffernan elucidates this with examples of success….It seems that the antithesis of what the world is doing; on the other hand this view is aligned to coworking values …. (click the balloon to subtitles in other languages)