When was the last time you heard your client? Learn the advantages of performing constantly satisfaction surveys.

Posted on March 2, 2016 by Marcos Schwartz in Uncategorized

by Maria Silvia Assef (Country Manager Brazil of QuestionPro)

With technological development we have seen many changes in the world, with the most recent and significant of them being the model of work. Traditional offices with working hours from 9am to 6pm, flavorless environment, focused on bureaucratic processes and routines that have been repeated for years, have almost no more space in this new era. A change of awareness is needed immediately in order to accompany the new generations who are entering the market. Along with the famous Generation Y came the flexible hours, focus on results, a relaxed working environment, the practice of naturally leadership and time management according to your demand activities, all providing a collaborative climate.

This new business model has brought many benefits, not only for employees, but especially for businesses that can easily notice increase of productivity and hence better results. These new environments and this new working style make the number of entrepreneurs in the country significantly increase. No wonder that in recent years we have seen a large increase in so-called COWORKING SPACES.

But how do you know if a Coworking space is meeting those demands and the needs of the customers?

Conducting online surveys is an easy, dynamic and reliable method by which you can identify if customer expectations are being met. The online survey provides information in real time about the workplace situation, and is able to evaluate the service being offered and know the level of satisfaction of the people and, therefore, makes it possible to know if your Coworking space meets the requirements and promotes the engagement of your audience.

In addition to allowing the identification of the points where you can improve your service online surveys bring other benefits to your Coworking environment such as: time and money, anonymous responses option and access to real-time reports. Your research can reach the customer in various ways: via email, social networks, may be published on your website or can be taken in the work space by phone or tablet, online and offline.

The issues, quality, comfort and good atmosphere, have caused concern in the owners of Coworking spaces, due to the rapid increase in competition. Many do not know how to highlight their service with so many other offers, and it is precisely at this point that there is a need to apply an online survey, and, therefore, understand the real needs of your customers and or prospects.

Do not wait more, follow the example of successful companies and start doing online research to identify the improvements that can be implemented at your Coworking space in terms of local infrastructure and also in how you are provoking the exchange of experiences and business ideas between the people among you, through feedback processes, customer satisfaction, working environment and / or target group identification.

The things presented above are examples of what is being done by experts in order to stand out from of the competition, don`t wait to start doing online surveys and collecting information to improve your service. Your Coworking space and your customers will thank you!